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“ If You Don’t Drink, How Will Your Friends Know You Love Them at 2 AM…?”
Work hard, party harder ...isn't it?
And if you need to party, what better place than bottles and barrels.
When choosing a pub most of the time you have your pick between a quiet cosy joint and a lively buzzing one. What if we tell you, you can have both? Delhi NCR may be brimming with an eclectic range of pubs but there is one place that seems to have it all under one roof. Bottles and Barrels, one of the finest dining places in the entire Gurgaon, is known well to serve beer and food at the best price. It is the largest Pub in Gurugram with 11k sq. ft. indoor place and the largest outdoor area of 3500 sq. ft. in the millennium city. With an awesome seating area, decorated walls with antique items, fancy posters, and whatnot. Modern, trendy locale hosting live music, plus milkshakes & casual eats. The courteous staff welcomes guests all year round.

We have been in the business for the last 7 years serving all the corporate clients in Gurgaon since we are at the heart of the city. Out of thousands of pubs, the ‘Bottles and Barrels’ stands out because of our diversity, both in ambience and in food. Located in the trendy section of Sector 30, Gurgaon, the gastro-pub holds its fort by giving its patrons the best of both worlds. We have our ambience so you can imagine the pull it must-have for the youthful crowd, but it’s just not about the age. People from all walks of life are welcomed here, tied with one common love – beer. The pub is popular especially because it is comparatively budget-friendly than its peers.

Bottles and Barrels has a modern gastropub vibe with its contemporary décor, beers, food, and outdoor space. You can enjoy soothing sunset with your loved ones. With a terrace, seating is lavish with a sleek-looking water body and gazebos spread out across the area. Depending on what your mood is, whether it’s unwinding over beers and upbeat music or a quiet time over a few drinks, you can choose to sit either on the terrace or downstairs. They have a live grill and an extensive multi-cuisine menu so there is something for everybody, so it’s not the drinks that you are there for. A must-go-to place for everyone.

You will be amazed to know, that Bottles and Barrels are placed in a sprawling capacity, a luxury in a city like Gurgaon. Let’s take you guys to the pub first. The interiors of the pub are done vibrantly, with bright red walls carrying sports-themed murals. Lighting is kept low and a variety of seating is on offer. Peppy yellow day beds take up space, encouraging the punters to recline comfortably to chat or drink. The vibe you get is cheerful, casual, fun, and lively. Upstairs however is when you enter tranquillity. The terrace is designed Zen-like, with a huge sculpture of the Budhha backing a tinkling water fountain. As we said, best of both worlds.
“We Make Your Visit Brewtful”

Bottles and Barrels have been known for introducing beer pong in Gurgaon. Besides the beer, the pub stocks a tremendous selection of alcohol. You can have whatever your heart wants but beer is most preferred here. Our food menu reflects today’s consumers. We offer selections from a world cuisine kitchen offering a melange of Indian, Oriental, Continental, and Italian. Our five-course meal lunch buffet popularly caters to local businesses and corporate sectors around.

You can start by trying out our must-haves appetizers such as Thai cheese cigar rolls, Jalapeños garlic prawns, Tomato basil bruschetta, Beer-battered fish finger, Phyllo artichoke, and Roasted chicken wings. And for popular cocktails and mocktails, you can go for Kafir Mellon, The Cuban, and the Oktoberfest Lager Beer. Lose yourself in the ever-lasting taste of Gin, Vodka, Blue Curacao, and Sambuca mixed in orange juices…!!! For something, more filling opts for Pizza, Pasta, Grilled fish, Sliced lamb in hot bean sauce, Malabari fish curry, Grilled cottage cheese steak, Dal B&B, and Awadhi gosht biryani.

Just walk in on any Sunday night and chances are that you will get treated to live performances by some of the best artists in the city. Ladies, in particular, have another reason to celebrate since every Thursday Night, they can get to savour their favourite cocktails free of cost. Yes, you heard it right…!! Cocktails are on the house, as it’s ladies' night. Also, enjoy the big desi bash with Dhol Night on Friday and Bollywood on Saturday Night.

Once you finish your bottle, you can put a tag on the cap and write what you wish to and add it to the bottle stand in our Bottles and Barrels. We love to know your story because we know how to preserve memories. We also got featured in multiple famous Newspapers and Magazines like Hindustan Times, ScoopWhoop, The Hindu, The Pioneer, MENSXP, and many more. Sony PS4 gaming completions were organised at Bottles and Barrels.

Being a brewery that’s also super serious about their food…

So, line your tummies well before you chug a mug with their beer and food…!!!

North Indian, Asain, Italian, Finger Food


1800 for two people

Phyllo Artichoke, Brewed Beer, Beers, Cocktails, Fish Tikka.

Bottles & Barrels



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